Electronic Scrap

Electronic Recycling
Bring us your outdated, old, broken, and discarded electronics and we will pay you money for them. Please see our list below of electronic scrap we are accepting.

  • Desktop Computer Towers & Servers with power supply and motherboards
  • Complete Computer laptops with batteries and motherboards
  • Cell Phone Batteries & Laptop Batteries
  • Modems/Routers/Cable boxes
  • Cell phones without their batteries
  • Motherboards Both Green and Non-Green & Low grade boards
  • Hard drives with board
  • Memory
  • Desktop power supply with cords attached
  • AC Adapterswith wires attached
  • Many types of batteries for electronics and power tools
  • Mixed computer wire no coax, please

Here area some items we don’t take (Sorry):
CRT Monitors, TVs, VCRs, Small appliances, and Microwaves

If you have questions on electronic scrap please call us at 402-510-4480